Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Cameron canvassing Thorpe St Andrew this evening

My neice Sarah has just called from Thorpe St Andrew in Norwich North to report that opposition leader David Cameron is walking down their road heading towards my sister's house, also in Norwich North.

I called my sister Teresa, and she said it was true, and it was ineresting because they had not seen any conservatives canvassing on her street in Thorpe St Andrew, although all other parties had been in the area. She was quite impressed at this campaigning so late in the evening - it's the cool fall of day.

I asked my sister, who has a career in the National Health Services, what question she would ask Cameron if he knocked upon her door, and she replied without hesitation:

"I'd tell him to sort out the management of our health services. The system is not working and has deteriorated. It urgently needs an overhaul, and the present lot have failed in this."

She told me she and her husband would be voting tomorrow, still uncommitted (or not telling me), but definitely voting for change, away from traditional parties.

This has been a high-powered campaign, unusually so for a by-election, indicating the importance of the choice to be made tomorrow.

There are seventy-five thousand eligble voters in Norwich North, and 34 polling stations will be opening at 7 am tomorrow.

Votes will be counted overnight and announced on Friday.

It is fair to say that the electorate of Norwich North will be in the limelight for some time to come, as the votes are cast and counted, and the results debated in the weeks ahead.

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