Tuesday, 14 July 2009

What does BNP candidate West stand for?

Edmund Standing has sent news of this Centre for Social Cohesion BNP Report to HOPE not hate, Norfolk:

"For the past month, I have been working on a report on the BNP for the Centre for Social Cohesion. The report has now been published and can be downloaded in PDF form here.

Executive Summary

This investigation into the online activities of BNP members and activists reveals that the racial ideology of the BNP has not changed from the early days in which the founder John Tyndall was party leader, when open expressions of Nazism were tolerated in the party.

The report has found that a significant number of BNP members and online grass-roots activists displayed significant ideological affinity with key tenets of the neo-Nazi ideology, including: support for violence; antisemitism and an admiration of the Third Reich; extreme racist views; and Holocaust denial.

Support for violence:

Lee Barnes – leading member and head of the BNP legal team – supports the National Front on his blog. He refers to the group as a valid ‘nationalist’ organization and suggests that they operate as a street force for the BNP.

Barnes advocates the downfall of western civilization: ‘The West deserves all it gets. The faster the fools that run the West destroy the West the better.’

The BNP supporting blog Britain Awake praises Combat 18 and supports violent attacks on Muslim women. Britain Awake is hosted by a self-described member of the BNP who claims to have attended the party’s exclusive Red, White and Blue festival.

Antisemitism and an admiration of the Third Reich:

The official BNP YouTube account and the official YouTube accounts of the Thurrock and Burnley BNP branches show close links with neo-Nazi and antisemitic activists and organizations, as do the users who have been accepted as ‘friends’ of these channels.

Blogs run by members and self-professed supporters of the BNP continue to host, and offer links to, material that is pro-Nazi, racist, antisemitic, and homophobic.

A member of the Covert Tactics blog, strongly linked with the BNP, refers to Jews as ‘greedy subhuman scum’. One member, Tommy Williams, is a neo-Nazi whose name appeared on the leaked list of BNP members. The blog expresses admiration for Hitler and has on a number of occasions denied or trivialised the Holocaust.

Extreme racist views:

So-called patriotic concerns of the BNP mask an underlying fear of racial ‘dissolution’ and a commitment to ’soft’ ethnic cleansing in the form of policies attempting to coerce non-white Britons into leaving the UK.

Material found on BNP supporting YouTube accounts, blogs, and internet forums contravenes the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006.

Holocaust denial:

The BNP website promotes books by neo-Nazi publishing houses which are dedicated to rehabilitating Nazism and denying the Holocaust. "

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