Thursday, 16 July 2009

Busy day July 16 (today)


Two events today:

1. Older Persons' Hustings
Thursday 16 July 11:00am
St Luke's Church Aylsham Rd NR3 2HF
Age Concern is stressing the importance of older people voting, and has organised the event
2.Candidates Question and Answer meeting
Norwich Council Chamber
Norwich City Hall
St Peters Hill NR2 1NH
6.00 - 8.00 pm
Meeting outside City hall from 5.30 pm -

This is the main event of its kind planned in Norwich for this important by-election

If you wish to ask a question please see the organiser before the start for a question sheet

Chris Ostrowski Labour
Chloe Smith Conservative (uncertain)
Rupert Read Green Party
April Pond Lib Dem
Craig Murray Independent
Bill Holden Independent
Glen Tingle UKIP

In the meantime recent BBC radio coverage from Norwich North can be found at 13 minutes into this iplayer (click on link below for sound).

The reporter notes how resources are being poured into this by-election. Norwich is receiving an unaccustomed amount of national attention.

The BBC points out the by-election is for an interesting constituency as Norwich North has so many faces. Starting from the City, Norwich North is urban, with mixed and social housing; then suburban, which is more affluent; and then clusters of villages, each with different political affiliations.

According to this report the people on the street have wide-spread disillusionment and apathy, but with a contradictory desire for change.

The trouble with apathy is that the parties you least like will take advantage, and score a higher percentage of the vote than they deserve.

So please get involved and get voting!

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