Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Good luck Thomas.

I would like to make a special recognition of the youngest candidate, Thomas Burridge.

He will not win tomorrow, but at 18 he is making an impressive start into politics and will learn for the next time.

His youth and energy, his straightforward message and his fresh optimism next to the cynical manipulations and dirty tricks of some parties is a joy to behold.

In contrast this blog has been dedicated to confronting and repudiating the messages of hatred and division from the BNP, and to a lesser extent, UKIP.

That has meant looking at brazen lies and misrepresentations, thuggery, threats of violence, obscenity, rage, base cruelty, and injustice towards fellow human beings.

It is hard to understand the malice some have for others, and the lengths that some go to to express that malice.

It is a relief to consider a different sort of candidate.

So let's give some blog-space to the Libertarians, or at least to the young man Burridge, as an antidote to all the ugliness:

Last day of campaigning - Norwich North
by IanPJ

Today is the last day that candidates can campaign for the votes of the constituents of Norwich North in Norfolk, and I know that Thomas is out and about working hard to convince voters of the Libertarian message.

Thomas Burridge, the Libertarian Party candidate had this to say about Thursday's ballot:

Tomorrow is the day. I have done my best over the past few weeks to convey the message of liberty to the people of Norwich North, however what I can do has now ended. The responsibility now passes to each and every voter in Norwich North, I urge you all to stand up and tell Labour, The Conservatives and the Lib Dems that we are sick of them taking and taking from the British people and never giving back. Enough is enough, tomorrow is your first chance to vote for the only party that will not take anything from you, be it your money or your liberties. Perhaps you believe that one of the big three has changed and can be trusted with your vote, to this I say simply if you vote the same, you’ll get the same. The big three have dominated politics for generations and have constantly and consistently taken hard won liberties from the British people, many times they have claimed to have shifted position but they always remain parties of big state interference in everyday lives.

Vote Libertarian for real change. Vote Libertarian for honesty and open government. Vote Libertarian for your rights and liberties. Vote Libertarian simply to send the big three a message.

If you vote the same, you’ll get the same.
I know just how hard that Thomas has worked on this campaign, it has been an uphill struggle with the media attention focused on the main parties and the outgoing 'saint' Ian Gibson, but we have focused on getting the message across to the voters by going to see them direct, knocking on doors and explaining Libertarian policies.

We have had a good deal of success, and picked up a goodly number of new members, but as a small party with limited resources it is impossible to compete with the huge machines and the volume of written material rolled out by the Conservative, Labour and LibDem campaign teams.

I wish to publicly thank Thomas for all his hard work, dedication, temerity and sheer guts in taking on these big parties, standing his ground and giving the voters an alternative choice at the ballot tomorrow.

As Thomas has already indicated, now its all up to the voters, who I trust will make rational informed decisions about who to cast their votes for. Finally, I will echo Thomas' important words.

If you continue to vote the same, You will continue to get the same.


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