Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Swine flu fells candidate in Norwich North by-election

How many contacts has poor Chris had in the last week or so?

Labour candidate collapses with suspected swine flu
21/07/2009 12:17:00
Chris Ostrowski, Labour's candidate in the Norwich North by-election, is in hospital with suspected swine flu, it has emerged. Mr Ostrowski, who appeared last night in a BBC TV debate with three opponents, was admitted to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital this morning .

A planned visit to the city by Lord Mandelson, first secretary of state and secretary for business, skills and innovation, has been postponed.



The Labour party spokesman said: "We can confirm that Chris Ostrowski is being treated for a suspected case of swine flu."

"He collapsed at home and was taken to hospital by ambulance. Clearly, our priority is to ensure that nobody falls ill from swine flu unnecessarily and we will follow the medical advice and take every precaution necessary." . . .

On hearing of her rival's illness, Ms Smith said: "I'm extremely sorry to hear that Chris has been taken ill this morning.

"One of my campaign team had a suspected case of swine flu two weeks ago so I know just how horrible it can be.

"I'd like to send Chris my best wishes and I hope he will make a speedy recovery."

A spokesman for the Electoral Commission said that the by-election would not be postponed.

"Once the notice has been served and the date has been set, it can't be changed," she said.

"There is no requirement for the candidate to actually be at the count."

She said that the only grounds for the abandonment of an election would be the death of a candidate before the declaration of the result.


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  1. I have no doubt that poor Chris has been laid low by the deployment of chemical weapons by one of the other parties.

    As young Thomas of the Libertarians has just taken his chemistry A level I would place him amongst the primary suspects.

    Craig Murray has experience of the KGB's methods but has he had a cup of tea with Chris?

    Norman Lamb, the infamous Lib-Dem MP and guru of the Liberals campaign is also well known for dispatching rivals with stealth - ask Charles Kennedy!

    Moral of the story - face masks at all times from now on, but this might have a negative impact on voter perception when canvassing.

    Michael Walker