Friday, 10 July 2009

Harriet Harman praises 'fantastic' refuge in Norwich

Minister Harriet Harman yesterday praised the hard work of staff and volunteers at a Norwich women's refuge.

During a Norwich North by-election visit to the city, Ms Harman, minister for women and deputy leader of the Labour party, visited the Leeway Women's refuge in the city.

She spoke to women about their experience of domestic abuse and discovered the vital support and advice that is available. She was joined by Katie Ostrowski, wife of Labour candidate Chris Ostrowski.

Ms Harman said: “It is important to tackle violence of all sorts and domestic violence accounts for about one third of all violence.

“The work done at Leeway is absolutely fantastic. The facilities are great and so is the work that goes on.

“The way to tackle domestic violence is by bringing prosecutions through the courts. If there isn't a prosecution women will often carry on suffering attack after attack.

“But in order to bring successful prosecution, you also need to offer the support to give a woman the confidence to go through with it.”

After the visit, Ms Harman campaigned door-to-door in the Hillcrest Road area of Thorpe St Andrew.


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